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Advanced Talent Recruitment

Using years of experience, curated talent pools and AI Powered software we will deliver the right person for the job every time. 


We consult with you and your team on the desired candidate and applicable job specification


We source the right candidate through patented algorithms and industry experience. We facilitate the whole process of shortlisting through to the offering stages.


We ensure the chosen candidate gets onboarded and strive to fulfil the initial job specification.

AI Powered Recruitment

We have a specialist team to assist with the whole recruitment cycle.  By using our headhunting skillsets as well as our AI powered software we will help with all your talent acquisition needs.

Our Focus Areas

We focus on the following sectors:

The Health Sciences and Medical industries are experiencing significant change, growth and disruption globally. This change and growth can be strenuous on any organization, and if not attended to correctly, expensive.

Making sure the right employees are hired, in the right positions with the right mindset will help mitigate churn and reduce hiring acquisition and training costs whilst ensuring both the employee and organization benefit in the long run.

The team members of Revolute AI have had significant success in helping ensure organizations in this industry seek out and recruit the best people for the job. This is a global industry, and Revolut AI is also global… a perfect match.
Technology trends and influences change every day, as we all know. This is no more evident in today’s world where remote work no longer has a stigma to it. Along with this adjustment comes new challenges and the need for new skills.

Members of Revolut AI have been working in the industry, globally, for 30 years and have a unique understanding of the needs of companies to ensure the most applicable talent is recruited, rapidly.

We focus on making sure candidates are efficiently reviewed and effectively placed, ensuring loyalty and passion are a part of the candidates make up. And we happen to utilize and promote the use of industry leading AI technologies to accomplish this.

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